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Default Bringing Baby on Your Cruise

Bringing Baby on Your Cruise
by Paul Motter

What do various cruise lines offer to the parents of babies and toddlers six to 36-months?


Kids of all ages love to go cruising

Five years ago the cruise lines varied on whether they would support people who wanted to bring children as young as six months onboard. Most cruise lines limited access to babies at least one year old, and if you brought one you were on your own. But in 2010 the cruise industry standardized around a set of recommendations by CLIA (the Cruise Line International Association) to not only allow children as young as six months, but also to provide high chairs, strollers, cribs, cots, bottle warmers and most importantly - organized care programs so parents can take a much needed break from the constant need to care for their children. To be clear - all of these cruise lines have had programs for older kids, three to 17 years of age, for decades now. But extending these programs to infants and toddlers is a more recent development.

Today most of the major, mainstream cruise lines will provide for children as young as six months old.

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