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hey dan,

chandler here. white guy, non-smoker, don't snore or keep weird hours, and barely drink. well educated, decent look, demeanor and sense of humor. blah, blah, blah... lol overall, a fairly squared-away guy, with more time on his hands than money.

this looks like my kind of deal. i've never been on a hal--but have done a fair amount of recon on what's out there. hal and celebrity look like about the best fit for me. i was reading the message thread, and it sounds like [maybe] you're on the hal masdaam 21 or 42 day t/a cruise? i sincerely looked at that [42 day] cruise for this year, but ultimately got sidetracked with other stuff.

you're welcome to send e-mail to me (bypassing the public forum) at if you're amenable to it, let's do some preliminary fact-finding, and see if this (or future trips) is within the realm of possibilities. thanks.


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