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Upside, lots to do. I was there a few weeks ago. It is just beautiful! The beach open to the ocean is rough and rocky, didn't like it much. But there is a cove with very calm water that was just gorgeous! The ribs at lunch were very tender and some of the best I have had in a long time.

Downside, the area for artisans to sell their wares. It was just horrible! They are beyond pushy. I realize they are from a poor nation and most of the things they sell, the all sell. But if they just left me alone, i would shop and buy more. If you touch anything and I stress anything at all they are giving you prices for it, or for 2 of them,only for you my lady, offering to carve your name in it and will not let you put it down. It was very very uncomfortable. It is terrible but i would not suggest you go up the hill to where it says artisans. Someone should tell them to back off. Jamacia was bad too but not as bad as Labadee.

Enjoy the beaches and have fun on the island!

Coral Princess
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