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Good morning everyone. It's still morning here, for the next thirty minutes.

Yesterday was a fun day. We picked up our venison, venison brats and summer sausage from the butcher. There was A LOT of it. My nephew, his girlfriend, Betty and I spent about an hour packaging the brats and dividing the meat up. It barely fit into my upright freezer. I also OD'd on summer sausage and brats and today I'm paying the price. A little too much salt and I'm bloated like the Michellin Man. Time to take the water pills, so I guess I won't be venturing too far from home today.

My niece and her boyfriend are coming over this afternoon to pick up their meat and they'll stay for dinner. I'm making pheasant chowder.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and a great upcoming week.

Kelly: Enjoy your date.

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