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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
I agree, Ruth. I've been doing this for a long time and over the last 11 years, I've not had anyone have such a problem. In fact, I've had only one client get charged twice for something and we got that solved for her with just one email.

But I do disagree with those who say not to use a credit card. If you use a credit card and have a problem, you can protest the charge and the credit card company can be of great help. I do suggest not using a debit card for the very reason you stated - they often put a hold on money and it can take a while for the hold to disappear. This happens alot with debit cards.

Using cash is not a good thing because then you have to carry large amounts of cash around - always a bad idea.

And traveler's checkes are definitely becoming a thing of the past. Many banks/credit union no longer sell them and more and more places are no longer accepting them. I had a couple left over from a trip a couple of years ago and went to use one at a local store here in Northern Virginia - the cashier had no idea what it was, had never seen one before, and refused to accept it.

It's best to check your onboard account everyday and settle any problems right away while still onboard. Things can happen - nothing is perfect. But the final bill presented to you in your cabin on the last morning, should be your final bill. Anything appears after the fact needs to be checked out and if there's a problem, immediately contact the cruise line - if they can't provide documentation to support the charge, talk to your credit card company right away.

I disagree with you completely. I will never set up a cc in advance again. As for the holds, they most definitely do hold and it takes them several days, sometimes weeks to release the holds. Therefore, they are charging you twice if only tmporarily. I now council my clients not to put cc down at the beginning and at least wait until they are half way through.

As for travlers cheques, the ships do take them therefore they are an extremely good option.

As a Canadian in particular I find the cruiselines want to charge 3% to convert charges and that is also rubbish. They don't pay attention to what you telll them so the best thing is cash - some before you leave home and the balance onboard.

And as for the bill presented to you in the morning - it is not your last bill. That's why it hasn't actually been applied to your credit card yet.

When I return home I do not want to have to contact the cruiseline because they have charged someething wrong on the last day, nor do I want my clients to be in that position. I want them to come home feeling good and raring to go again not having to worry about final charges on their CC and phantom charges that haven't been dropped yet.
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