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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Either does a ship offer unlimited casino gambling - you have to pay for it just as you do while at an AI. It's also not open a lot of the time on a ship.

The point is, "released days later" isn't good enough. Either run the days charges thru at the end of the day or wait til the end of the week. Phantom charges are ridiculous.
So happy you informed me I need to pay for casino gambling. Same for an A1. And what does the fact a ship casino is not open all the time have to do with it?
As for funds on hold, it's not just being held from a ship. I've had funds on hold on all my purchases until they are officially posted to my account. I once had funds on hold from a Hilton hotel, but they actually forgot to remove them. Got charges for my next transaction declined is how I found out.
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