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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
Thatís second not first. When doing a short Caribbean the clothes are light. If you are approaching the 50# limit, you are bringing to many other clothes. Lots of cruisers say a tux or suit loads up the suitcase, then I read further and they are doing a short cruise in a warm climate. If you do not want to bring clothes for formal night, just say so and don't make excuses.

Just got off the Liberty last week on a TA and most wore suits or tux.

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But if we're doing a shorter cruise, we only bring one suitcase. We travel as light as possible and never bring too many clothes. As I always tell people, pack half as much as you think you'll need and it'll be twice as much as you you'll actually need.

If we're celebrating something special, traveling with friends, a more upscale cruise, or one where more guys will be wearing suits (like TA cruises), then I usually take a suit. But when going to Europe, usually just a jacket.

And I'll be the first to admit I do not like to wear a suit - wore them for many years - don't want to do it on vacation.

Funny thing was, on our 4 cruises in Europe, for the most part, the Americans always seem overdressed compared to the Europeans. At least that was our experience.

But it is interesting on some cruises you'll see alot of suits while on others you see much less. Found less on our Alaskan cruise, for example. Longer cruises usually seem to have alot more.

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