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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
Once ES it is supposed to always be ES. Your rate might be based on Senior, but it should still be an Early Saver booking.

Awyway, there are new fare codes coming in a week or so that should add confusion. Including Early Savers and Easy Savers - huh? Super Saver and Instant Saver - huh?
I thought so too, but the booking code was changed.

I looked very close at it and it's still guaranteed though through Note 2 to booking. Maybe the new changes you mention will use the 'note' system. Note 1 says I have to furnish proof of senior and past guest if requested. Note 2 says (paraphrased) if price drops I can request new lower fare.

So I guess it doesn't matter if its ES code, still guaranteed.

I wonder if they can make it any more difficult?
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