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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
The more expensive the cruise cabin the higher the OBC you can get. I've seen 1000OBC offered before for suites.

Also there are many ways to get OBC. If you own stock in the cruiseline you get credit, future cruise deposits on celebrity for instance of $100 give you $300 OBC for cruises 12 days or longer, sometimes the cruiselines will add credit rather than lower a price, or you can get it through a travel agent. Many times you can get several of these and they will add up.

Usually though I find a cheap base fare to be more important in getting a good deal than how much credit you get.
hey aerospace,

maybe i'm posting in the wrong place, but it seems like you might have the answer to this question: can the 'stock ownership' benefit(s) be combined with, other benefits--like the amex 'cruise privileges' program (if you're familiar with that one)? the 'small print' for each of the programs is a little ambiguous. figured... i'll swap out some other stock for some ccl & rcl--if there're additional benefits, i.e. the ownership perk. but if it cannot be combined with the amex benefit (which is pretty good) it wouldn't be of much use to me--all other things (returns/dividends) being relatively equal. does that make sense?

as an aside: (although i'm far from an experienced cruise taker) the way i approach it, is from a cost-per-day perspective. is there a way to apply the obc's to the 'suggested' daily gratuities--or as a way to tip an individual who's truly gone above and beyond (if not, i wonder why not)? otherwise, i'll 'spend' the obc (they make it easy to do) but most cruises [seem to] offer good value, even without the specialty restaurants, extra spa services, a 'cruiseline' package tour, etc. appreciate any guidance. thanks.



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