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Originally Posted by tobytovar View Post
We are planning to book the SUNSHINE transatlantic from Barcelona to New Orleans on Nov. 1st. My PVP tells me she can arrange one way airfare to Barcelona at a much reduced price than booking the flight ourselves.
Have any of you done this and how was the transfer handled from the Barcelona airport to the ship? After between 16-18 hours from New Orleans to Barcelona I doubt we will be too awake to pay attention.
Please give us some advice.
Thank you,
The only way to find out is to check. See what the price of BCN - MSY, one way is and then compare that to the price of cruise line airfare.

For domestic flights, cruise line air is rarely a "good deal". It usually costs more and/or the routing is ridiculous.

Right now: I see the lowest fare for BCN to MSY to be around: $1734/pp on US Air.

You can always do the old trick of booking a round trip ticket from BCN - MSY and not use the return. The total for that, on Delta, is $1115.69. It is technically not allowed but I doubt the Delta Police will come knocking at your door.

I STRONGLY suggest that you fly in, a minimum, of one day early to avoid any issues with delays, missed flights or cancellations. Also, Barcelona is a great city and you will enjoy taking, at least, a day to see some of it.

The distance from the airport to the port is not too far and is a maximum of a 30 Euro cab ride. If you do come in the day of the cruise and use the cruise line transfers then a Carnival representative will be standing, just outside of the secured area. The will have a sign over their head and will direct you to the bus that will take you to the ship.

I still strongly advocate coming in a day early and just do a cab from airport to your hotel and the hotel to the port.

If you have any more questions please ask.

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