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Originally Posted by Aidan View Post
I'm 50 and was an Eagle Scout. Most scout leaders were gay back then, or at least interested in virile young men.

This isn't exactly news to anybody in the boy scouts back then.

Everybody knew, which is precisely why the organization is officially and publicaly so freaked out about gays.

The comparisons to the Catholic church and the irony of it all is accurate.
I'm 57 and was also an Eagle Scout. Sorry about your experience, but I never knew a gay person until a predator approached me at college. So maybe your broad statement about "most scout leaders" is just another example of unthinking prejudice. Or maybe things changed an awful lot in 7 years.

Unlike the other side, I'm aware that I don't know everything, and I'm careful not to claim that what I want to be true, or what I believe is true, really is true.
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