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Originally Posted by twoAlaskans View Post
Thanks and I agree with what you are saying...I like to steer clear of far left/right wing I am independent, middle right with some left leaning when it comes to social programs...on those subjects you spoke of, I am ok with gay marriage, just don't force churches to recognize or preform, I am ok with abortion just don't force me and my church to pay for them, I am ok with everyone's rights and their freedom to believe but don't turn into the very enemy I fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and Northern Africa...I will fight here to protect the rights of people I disagree with only because I feel rights are God given, and in no way do I feel the need to stone someone just because they are not the same religion/belief system as me...weird how the far right Christians are exactly like the far right Islamist....and the far right and far left are one in the same in their intolerance for all others not like them...they all need to look in the mirror when calling someone out...
I'm a Libertarian, and like many of us, I'm liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal ones. But no one has the right to swing their fist without regard to someone else's nose, something the gay-rights crowd has a lot of trouble with. When one person's right requires that another give up theirs, that's wrong. If the shoe were on the other foot, they might understand better - or not, after all , logical thought isn't their strong point.

Like you say, no one should be forced to deny what they think is right for the benefit of someone else. If a church chooses to marry gay people, that's their choice, and if they don't, same thing. That also applies to the catholic doctor who refuses to perform abortions .. or agrees to do so - his choice, not something which can be forced on him.

But look at the original discussion - Gay Scout Leaders. Ask yourself, who is it that changes EVERY topic into a referendum on whatever their personal axe to grind is? Who is it that has NO respect for anyone's opinion other than their own? The biggest reason I am strongly opposed to the gay-rights movement is because of their people, and this sneering attitude of theirs that anyone who doesn't buy into every plank of their platform is a bigoted homophobe. It's intolerance, prejudice, and discrimination at it's best, and I will oppose it at every turn.

"Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense."

I don't necessarily agree with the quote, because I don't think it's a problem of our culture, except that extremists are trying to make that our culture. No one is going to get away with pretending that is our culture around me.

Meanwhile, almost everyone here except those two has agreed, more or less, that people who's sexual preference and the expression thereof is more important than the kids shouldn't be a Scout Leader. So just where does that leave the two who want to make this a referendum about something other than the topic this thread is about? Selfish, only interested in what they want to talk about, unconcerned about what anyone else has to say (unless it's slavish agreement with their platform), self-righteous, prejudiced, intolerant bigots.

And until the moderator throws me off, I'll oppose their hijacking of a discussion every time I can.

Incidentally, thanks for your service. I'm with you on defending people's right to make stupid choices and ridiculous, exaggerated statements. I'm certainly not living here for the beautiful scenery.

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