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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
If you ask me, I think that all ships are better suited to warmer ports.

, I was just thinking the same thing when I read your post. I agree, NYC or anywhere in the northeast is not ideal for the start of a cruise, but given the population of NYC and the surrounding area within a few hours drive, you have a tremendous demand for a cruise option close to home which does not require a plane ride.

The Breakaway class ships do have the outdoor Waterfront areas, but if it is chilly outside, the "inside" portion of these venues are still there after all. With all the activities and entertainment available, I doubt if anyone will miss the outdoors for a day or two until warmer climes are reached.

I have not sailed the Breakaway yet. From the reviews, I have noticed many people mention that the Waterfront areas seem to be underutilized, even during the summer months. Not sure why that is, as I assumed they would be very popular and crowded. They are most often mentioned as a good place to find a quiet corner for a drink and a good book! Hope this remains true for our Getaway cruise in February.
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