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Originally Posted by skymaster View Post
With over 115 total cruises, I can only remember skipping the safety drill ONCE! That was on the second leg of a Back-to-Back, and the cabin steward ask me if I'd prefer to stay in the cabin, since I'd just been to the drill the week before. Of course, I responded with a resounding "YES", and he "checked me off" his list. No Problem!

That’s what I was wondering about Skymaster! We just waved Bon Voyage to family leaving on the Carnival Legend and we saw several people on their balconies during the drill. Thought that was odd and wrong at the same time.

I think it sends a wrong message to those watching from the pier who might not have cruised before to say that its okay to skip out on the drill (even though they have permission). The people on the pier don’t know that. Perhaps the policy for those on back to backs should be to stay off of the balconies or outside decks where you can be seen from the pier? I know that sounds harsh but as others have said, it’s only for about 30 minutes or so.
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