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Originally Posted by merchantnavyman1969 View Post
when you pay a lot of money to go on a cruise your paying for a holiday to relax and enjoy yourself whether it be for 7 or 14 days or longer
And I want to enjoy myself without having my health effected or my lifespan shortened. FACT: Second hand smoke is just as bad as first hand smoke. Would you blow smoke into a babies face? NO. So why blow it into mine.

Originally Posted by merchantnavyman1969 View Post
everyone is entitled to do what they wish to do with their lives as long as they do not force their habits on others. this entails freedom within reason to do as they please. without you finding every excuse to moan about people who smoke. look foreward to your next reply
So when you are at dinner, and I'm sat next to you. Just before dessert, I decide to inject myself with drugs, but not offer any to you, that's fine by your standards.

I'm not saying stop smoking. You can kill yourself early if you choose to do so. But you are forcing your habits onto others by smoking in areas where other people are. This is why there are smoking areas and non smoking areas. So people can choose where they want to be, in smoke filled areas or not. You are not smoking in the dining rooms anymore but 20 years ago it was fine.
What we are saying is that ALL public areas should be non smoking. A smoking room (or bar area) for smokers only and not on balconies as smoke will drift to other non smokers balconies.
Alot more places and venues are going smoke free and ships IMHO should be as well. Maybe if they had a smoking only ship and see if that works.
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