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Default Wifi vs LTE?

We will be cruising on the Breeze in October. My husband has a job that necessitates that he has access to the internet pretty much all the time. Most of his internet time will be spent reading and responding to emails. However he may need to do more then that if his data base on their local server goes down. I have been trying to do research to figure out which is going to be our better option-the onboard wifi which I'm guessing will ensure better connectivity or through LTE on our AT&T phone package. Has anyone used one or the other of these option recently? I've read quiet a bit from 2012 and 2013 but haven't seen anything more recent and knowing how quickly technology changes I'm wondering if the service has improved on either front. Does LTE even work onboard and does it work on the days at sea? How was the speed on both options? Does anyone have an opinion on the better value? Obviously we want him to spend as little time as possible taking care of work and so want to make sure we get the fastest connection for the best value. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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