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Yes sure !

So, I am a 22 years old man. I am French, and I am living and studying in Chicago for this year. I love travelling, meeting people and making new friends. Especially, I love do cruises. My last one was this winter in the Bahamas with French friends. And I would like to have the opportunity to do another one for my spring break.
I don't think I am complicated, especially during holidays, as I can adapt myself to the other ones and do any kind of activities. I think (and I hope) I am fun . I love partying, chilling with friends, and even if I am not a good dancer, I like going to nightclubs. I like any kind of music, but my preference is for house.
Otherwise, I like sports, especially soccer, and, now that I am in the US, I like basketball too. I also practice tennis and I like swimming.

And I think that's it!
Tell me if you need other information.

Hoping you like my description

Maybe see you soon!

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