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Smile Small "cruise" down a river for 4 days with 10-15 other families.

Ok, so we arrived at the place where the boat was moored and my family was getting on the front end of the boat, when I saw this beautiful girl getting on the back, and she saw me too, and smiled politely (I had turned 13 in october and she did in december 2014).

(8:00pm) after dinner, I went to the front of the boat, and lay down on one of the wooden benches, It was pitch black so I could see the stars so clearly. I was out there for about 10 minutes, then stood up and leaned against the front railing of the boat when I heard someone walking up the side, toward me, I turned around and it was the girl. she was an American, and I am Australian, She then said Hello again and then i was like oh hey she said I love your accent so i said thanks, then we talked about family and school and stuff for a while then we just both went quiet, and then I leaned over and kissed her, with my hand on her cheek, then she pecked me on the lips, and then we decided to go back to our rooms and go to bed, so I walked her back to her room, and when we got to her room, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, then I leaned in and we started snogging.

day 2 (8:00am): We both just had breakfast then went to the small games arcade and started snogging again, we did the same thing basically every day until the last night, when we went up on the roof and lay down, watching the stars. After about 20 mins of laying there, I lean over and kiss her ear, then she turned her head to me, smiling and said "I love you" then we lay there snogging with our arms around each other for a while, until we thought we should go to our rooms and get some sleep. I only saw her for a minute the next day and we had a quick kiss then had to leave, I was so sad for the whole trip back to Sydney to catch my flight home.

Back at Sydney airport: I was just at this shop, looking at gifts for my younger cousin, when I went to go to the next isle, I turned the corner, and she was there!!! She was just at the counter paying for some choclates.. I think I was just staring at her until she turned arund and saw me, and she ran up to me and jumped at me with her arms out, I caught her and then she kissed me, and put her head over my shoulder. When she was about to leave to go to her gate, she gave me her number and I still speak to her to this day, but Haven't seen her since then.
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