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The only one we've personally witnessed was the 'Found Ring' routine in Paris. He put a 'gold' ring, which was obviously copper to me, and was told I dropped it. When I refused to take it, he demanded a founder's fee. I immediately laid it on the sidewalk and just kept walking. I had heard about this scam, so was aware of it, but wasn't ready to have someone walk up to me and blatantly put a ring in my hand.

But I did have a newlywed couple on their honeymoon get caught with the hotel scam where the 'front desk' called them right after they checked in and got to their room. The person on the phone sounded official and said they needed to verify their credit card information. Unfortunately they fell for the scam and had their credit card charged.

Bottom line is to be careful out there. Keep your valuables in a neck wallet or something similar. And always be aware of your surroundings and where your possessions are. This applies to everywhere, even in your local shops, not just while your traveling. Check your credit and debit card purchases online regularly as there are alot of unscrupulous people in the world.

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