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As was already stated, talk to your agent and let them help you with all this. They can come up with ideas and suggestions you may not have considered.

Unfortunately, a group of 6 is not really considered a group by anyone. Cruise lines don't consider a group unless there usually at least 8 cabins (16 people). Depending on the airline, they often consider groups to be at least 10 people and sometimes even 20 or more. But then everyone in the group has to travel on the same plane with the same itinerary.

As for airfare from Phoenix versus driving, definitely not something I would want to do. You're talking a minimum of 3 days in each direction, not to mention hotels, food, gas, and car rental.

I would suggest looking at the air reservations as separate entities instead of trying to do them all at once. In other words, look at airfare from Phoenix to the East Coast and then look at air from the East Coast to Europe. Also, when flying to Europe, look at several of the major airports and consider taking the train.

Another option would be to look at flying to Europe out of other cities and not just East Coast cities, such as Chicago.

Again, talk to your agent as there are more options available to you than what you're considering.

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