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I am so glad things are working out for people here.

Just for the record, CruiseMates was started as a place for people to meet before a cruise on the same ship, but it was not meant to be solely a place for people who needed roommates.

It turned out, however, that a lot of people have come here looking for this and this is what they have found. I am so glad for you people who have made new friends here who can share your passion for cruises. It is not an inexpensive hobby, and being honest, having the right company makes a big difference.

Personally, I do not like to cruise alone. I don't mind have having a cabin to myself but I prefer to know I will have company for dinners especially. I do snore and have roomed with others who snore, but earplugs and eye masks work great for me. I have no problems getting along with roommates, and it sure helps to save money.

Paul Motter - CruiseMates editor
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