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Originally Posted by pendan View Post
Hello Pete!

I read your excellent post on choosing a cabin on a cruise ship and appreciate the detail you went into describing in layman's terms your rationale! Great job!

Since you are quite experienced in seamanship first hand, I would appreciate your thoughts and guidance on choosing to travel to the Mediterranean from Florida east in late April / early May, vs. from the Mediterranean west in late Oct / early Nov. I cannot seem to nail this down. I know that fall is still hurricane season plus low season, and that spring is quite crowded and 'high season'. I know the weather in Europe seems to be about the same temperature wise.

Can you point to a reason the ships sailing to Florida in Oct/Nov are less crowded and easier to get a mid ship room compared to ships sailing to the Med in April/May which seem to fill up so fast?

Thank you,
A couple others reasons are school is back and not as many families traveling but perhaps the biggest reason is that Oct and Nov. are still Hurricane Season.

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