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Talking His name was....

Not sure if mine will be as interesting as others but I have had quite the run in with men back in my day ohohoho, of about 15.

This was probably my 4th cruise, or maybe 3rd. I know for certain it was with Carnival. I was enjoying every moment, and also I promise you that I was not, ever, looking for some love, that's just not me.
However, I met one guy, I didn't think I'd ever be interested in. But he wooed me.
He's not tall, he's not what you would just call "hot". No, but he was sweet, and always smiled. Literally like always smiled!
And that smile... it got to me!

I talked to him sometimes, he was really quiet though. But I love to talk, so we had a perfect relationship, if that's what you call it.

But ... alas... cruises end...
Or so I thought!

I met him again on all my other Carnival cruises, can you believe my luck!?

I am going on another cruise soon, and I can't wait to meet him again, every time I see him.. he's different, yet, the same as well.
Maybe that's what I love about him so.

Even to this day, I remember his name,
Funship Freddy.
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