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Default Looking for Information for Documentary about Cruise ship

Hello Everybody,

For a documentary film I am looking for regular cruisers.

My name is Sophie and I'm a documentary filmmaker from The Netherlands. I am working on a new exciting documentary with a public dutch broadcaster about cruise ships.

For me its important that documentaries broaden our horizon and help us learn more about subjects and people we would otherwise never encounter. With my films I want to amaze and fulfill my curiosity for the mysteries of everyday encounters.

I am fascinated by cruises. I think there are a lot of misconceptions of what a cruise vacation isreally like. I would like to change that opinion and really dive into the cruise ship adventure and show why people fall in love with going on a cruise.

I would love to make a film about a great woman in her mid 60ís (a bit above or under is also fine) who is going on a cruise by herself for at least 3 weeks. The queen of the cruise. I want to show that you can also cruise by yourself. Itis important to show the beauty of a ship and all its adventures and to let the viewer know that you can still live in luxury when you are on a cruise. Therefore I think itit important to film someone who went on a cruise multiple times before and also enjoys the more luxurious cruises.

My question for you isif you know someone in the Netherlands, Belgium or England who wants totalk tome about this subject? Or maybe you want to help me a bit more and tell me about your experiences on a cruise.

My email is: [email protected]

Many thanks

(ps If you want I can send you some ofmy previous work)
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