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Originally Posted by Tusia View Post
If the drug tests are so firm, how does it work if someone has a prescription for it? Would they too not be permitted to get a US working visa?
How many countries, do you suppose, permit their citizens to get Doctor' notes or prescriptions for medical marijuana use? You shouldn't have to do too much research to get that answer. Note that Americans do not normally need a visa to work in the USA.

Bear in mind that it is still illegal to bring marijuana into the USA; a doctor's note or prescription makes no difference. If a ship's captain knowingly allows his passengers or crew to carry marijuana into US waters on his ship, the captain is subject to arrest and the ship can be confiscated by US Officials. Do you think the Captain or the Cruise Line will take that chance?

How many countries, do you suppose, will put you in prison for a very, very long time if you try to bring marijuana into their country? The list is quite long. And they really don't care if you have a note or prescription from your doctor. When a ship enters the national waters of a country, everyone onboard has officially entered that country. Leaving banned drugs onboard the ship doesn't change anything. The drugs are already in the country.

The same rules that the US Feds have about a ship captain allowing drugs on his ship are the same or even more strict in many other countries.

Should the cruise line hire medical marijuana users, allow them to carry the drug onboard the ship, and try to avoid visiting any country that prohibits it? That would make for a rather bizarre itinerary - with many, many sea days - and no visits to US ports.
You can bet that any stops in the Philippiness would also be out of the question.
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