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Originally Posted by d8i8s View Post
I've been researching cruise career opportunities and so far am happy with what I'm seeing. Unfortunately, when looking for information concerning trans crew members, there's not much information. Would they consult me when choosing a male or female room mate, or just choose for me? What happens if your room mate is prejudiced, or otherwise uncomfortable with rooming with a trans person? Could you request a switch, or mention it ahead of time for them to place you with someone who is also LGBT?

Aside from that, I get weekly shots. I have all of the items needed (paperwork, medicine, syringes, etc.), I just have to have a person to deliver the shots for me. Would the medical staff be able to do that every week?

I am already aware that the boat is like a tin can, that I will be stuck with people and some might be prejudiced. I am also aware that gossip run rampant and everyone will be aware that I am trans by the first week. I've never tried to keep it a secret, but I also don't 'flaunt' it. I'm more concerned with what to do when I have a room mate who will be sharing the tiny cabin, and they have a problem with me.
It appears that you are getting a bit ahead of yourself in your job search.

Apparently you have no prior cruise ship working experience. This dramatically reduces any chances of a cruise line hiring you.

Your English sounds American. if you carry an American passport, your chances of being hired on an international cruise ship are very small.

Cruise lines are not very interested in hiring crew with existing medical issues. Your need for ship staff to give you regular injections further reduces your chances of employment.

Yes, you would probably have some problems with some less than tolerant crew members from conservative countries. Cruise lines are very reluctant to hire people who might create discord among the crew.
You would also probably have problems with some less than tolerant passengers.
Cruise lines really do not like that.

You and I have identified many good reasons why a cruise line would not want to hire you.
Do you have any good reasons that you can prove or demonstrate why a cruise line would consider you a good potential employee?

You failed to mention what sort of job you hope to get. Do you have any relevant experience for that job? Have you spoken with any recruiters for any cruise lines?

Language skills?
Cruise line experience?
International hospitality experience?
Any hospitality experience?
Any international travel experience?
Lifeboat training, certificate?
Safety training?
Crowd control training?
USPH knowledge or training?

P.S. It's not a boat. It's a ship.

Good Luck.
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