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Originally Posted by cruised1014 View Post
There are so many security cameras on the ships not I would not recommend and sex anywhere but your stateroom. If you are caught you may be asked to get off the ship at the next port and your cruise is over. Save your public sex for Las Vegas.
I assume you have never been to LV? In 15 trips to LV and 4 cruises, I have seen more going on late at night on a Carnival Cruise than in LV. All you gotta do is walk up on Serenity Deck after midnight. Oh, and most don't care about the cameras, clearly. I even asked an attendant on Serenity deck how he deals w the shenanigans and he said as long as no one complains they let it go. He said if there is a complaint a few shines of the flashlight usually cool things down and he just walks away. They are not going to throw guests off at port for such minor infractions.
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