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Post Celebrity cruise is not the place for singles

Celebrity cruise is not the place for singles. I recently traveled on a celebrity cruise ship and had open seating dining. the maître d' would not give me anything but a table by myself and even said from the first night I'm sorry all the tables are previously booked or people already have reservations together which was hogwash because many people met up in line and wanted to eat together I can't understand why Celebrity would single out a beautiful single women and make her eat by herself. Humiliating to say the least and made to feel like an outcast. They also seated you in the very rear of the dining room in the least desirable section so you would not be noticed .
I saw many single women eating by themselves at their own tables and I'm sure that they were told the exact same thing that I was no one wants to eat with a single person basically is what they were portraying very disappointing they need to accommodate singles better than that.

Secondly celebrity cruise lines offers a meet up for singles at a bar but unfortunately there are other people at the bar besides the singles people and it isn't for singles only maybe they should think of using the bar quasar which is more private for such an occasion I found many men at the bar and married people at the bar but very few singles most singles went to the bar took one look and left because they realized it wasn't really a singles party that Celebrity offered I was extremely disappointed and felt I had wasted my money because I had paid for a double occupancy balcony cabin
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