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Good morning to all!

Just checking in to see how things are going. It's so bizarre that IB is still keeping the server up. Oh well, that's good for the loyal posters.

We just spent a week in Gulfport and enjoyed the Redneck Riviera and New Orleans. It was a fun time with my sister and brother in law and I did well at the local casinos. I have to say that the best meal I had all week, including New Orleans, was at the Hollywood Casino buffet in Gulf Springs, MS. Best buffet food I've seen in a long time.

Next week is four straight days of, all day, doctors appointments and tests. It's all part of preparation and evaluation for a heart transplant. There may be a snag in the process because my pulmonary artery is so deflated that a "regular" heart may not be able to pump enough blood through it. That could be a bummer. In the interim they have me on vasodilators. The one I now take, four times a day, is known by a common brand name that starts with a V and is quite popular with older men. Betty is tired of running from me. Good thing I can't run very far.

I still have a trip to the Canary Islands and then to Germany and Austria booked for October and I am going to make sure I make the trip.

I hope all are doing well and enjoying the start of Summer. Tomorrow, remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to maintain our freedom.

Take care,
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