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If all other options are not available and you truly have a walking problem, then there's nothing wrong with requesting wheelchair service. Personally, I don't like to fly to Europe with connections that are less than 2 hours. Just too many things can go wrong, including luggage not being able to get on your plane. I don't like to fly, so I don't mind 2 to 3 hour layovers - gives me a chance to stretch and relax. I'm 6'1" 210 pounds, so I don't fit in those airline seats that are made for people no bigger than 5' and 100 pounds. We got to fly non-stop from Dulles to Beijing roundtrip on a 777 in first class - needless to say, I'm totally spoiled now! But coach seats and I are definitely not made for each other, especially for flights lasting more than a few hours.

Anyway, leave yourself plenty of time, if possible. It'll make for a more relaxing trip with less worry. Unfortunately, I know many times with tight schedules the way they are, this just isn't feasible. Just make sure you get some good travel insurance whenever flying out of the U.S. And remember, best price or biggest name is often not the best policy. So, work with your agent to find a good policy for you. As I always say, you hope it's a waste of your money, because if you need it, it's usually not for a good reason. But if you need it, you're damn glad you've got it.

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