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It's not just AmaWaterways - they all do it!

As I said earlier, the old 'free' airfare gimmick is something very prevalent in the river cruise industry.

But it's not unusual for the person they were talking to at the cruise line simply made a mistake.

They did a study a few years ago and, after alot of research, they found this out about who you're talking to when you call the cruise line or one of these bit online sites;

1) They work in a call center
2) They've worked for the company for less than 6 months
3) They are not certified travel agents
4) They've never been on a cruise or to any of the ports
5) Their #1 priority is not customer service. Their priority is to sell and do so quickly, so they can get on to the next person.

People go to work for a cruise line or a large agency thinking it's easy, they'll make alot of money, and they'll get alot of travel perks.

They find out rather quickly that nothing could be further from the truth.

It's not easy, unless of course the agent only wants to sell and not provide any service, so they don't care that the cruise they're selling you is something you won't like because it's nothing like what you wanted. Plus, the paperwork and accounting can really irritate some people and it can get to be overwhelming at times, because they have to be very careful and accurate. Don't want to cause problems for people spending lots of money and traveling great distances.

They also find out quickly that they don't make alot of money. And contrary to what many people think, they also don't get alot of great perks.

Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life of the industry that many people have delusions over.

As I always tell people, when you call the cruise line or these large online sites and you don't like the answer, hang up and call back. Eventually, you'll get someone who may give you the right answer. If you do, then get their name and make notes. Chances are when you call back, they are not working when you need them or they no longer work there.

So, in all fairness and knowing the cruise line rep may have been new, it's not unusual to get incorrect information. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and I can't tell you how frustrating and infuriating it can be!

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