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If I remember correctly, I thought it was CLIA, but it could have been one of the many travel agent groups I belong to. I thought it was very interesting and definitely made sense. Call any of the major cruise lines and ask the rep some of those questions - you'll find out that study is pretty accurate.

As for making a difference, yeah, not so much. There are over 25,000 agents in the USA and Canada alone and together they make a difference, but not so much for one agent or even one agency. And this is more true when dealing with European companies - they just handle things differently than we do. And it's not just AmaWaterways. Welcome to our world - we deal with problems like this all the time. But that's why I like our corporation - we're a small mom & pop company, but at the same time, we're part of a major corporation with over 2300 agents nationwide. So, when we have problems, they tend to listen to us more than others. But as one agent complaining - yeah, not a big deal to them.

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