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Hi all,

We Survived!! We had DD#1's kids all day on Friday. Then, Saturday afternoon, we picked up DD#2's kids and had them until yesterday afternoon! I truly know why we have our kids in our 20's and 30's! They were good for the most part, but there were moments!! Glad to have had them and glad to see mommy pick them up! DGD#1 was a busy girl. Not only did we take both of them to the UAW's Christmas party, but she also had church preschool and regular preschool to attend on Sunday and Monday. At least it was a little quieter with just DGS#2!!

Today is catch up in my office. After the kids left yesterday, DH and I cleaned the house up. Tomorrow, I want to get into the town's tax office and work a while. We will have two to pick up at the sitter's in the afternoon. Then, Thursday and Friday, I hope to start tearing apart another room! Ugh!

Sorry to hear about your loss, Robin.

Moiraine, hope your mom is okay without the shot. Good luck at the Derm and GI offices!

Welcome back from the west, Bob.

Hope Len has a great cruise!

Manual, you still sound busy for being retired!

Well, lots to catch up on in my office. Hope all have a good day and a great rest of the week followed by a relaxing weekend!
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