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Hi all,

Just finished up a busy week - babysat, doctor and bloodwork, babysat, and doctor - well, no, second doctor was canceled and reset for following week! - shopping to finish holiday purchases and wrapping, house cleaning, church and dinner out - twice!

Next week is no better - babysitting and doctor, pet grooming and doctor, babysitting, Christmas program and Christmas party, doctor (the big one from last week, hoping to get it done and over with since it is a biopsy!!), doctor (probably not, as it is attached to the biopsy and will probably get rescheduled) and follow up everything with our family's Christmas party on Saturday! At least everything is wrapped and under the tree or behind the chair! Stockings to fill but all ready except one item to get this week from!! And, we are doing takeout chicken. I will probably prepare a veggie, mac 'n cheese and potatoes.

Looks like everyone else is busy, too!

Manual, that is sad that you have to carry ID for citizenship in this day! Yes, retirement is great - so why did I just get a new, albeit part time, job!!??!!??

Moiraine, glad you had a good time at the reunion!

Robin, love that you can "borrow" a child for Christmas cookies. Mom probably loves the little bit of time to get things done, too!

Bob, we need to enjoy this weather while it lasts!!

Well, Sunday is going fast. We have supper at DD#1's house tonight. Get to see the grands we missed sitting for on Friday. I begged off babysitting because I didn't know how the biopsy would go for DH on Thursday, then it got canceled. Grr!

Have a good day, all, and a great upcoming week!
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