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Default Mt cook Helicopter tour

I will be on the Mariner Sydney to LA and saw that the ship offers a 4 hour tour including bus ride to do a Mount Cook and glacier tour from Christchurch in the 17th for about 750 to $800 per person. Thats with about 25 others.......

I have arranged for a charter private heicopter, to land at the dock,( no bus ride) and pick up, up to 5 persons for a 6 hour air tour of not only the mountains, lakes, rivers , fijords and sea coast...But.. including several landings on mt tops for photos and a full sit down lunch in a remote place...... the cost will be $1490 per person...... 50% more than the cost of the 4 hour tour with 300% more sights........ and a lot more flying time.

If your interested I have 3 spots open...... Let me know to get in touch wiith you


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