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The Scotts
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Default electric outlets for travel steamer

We will be leaving in May for our first 5 day cruise and I hope these question don't sound to dumb to you veteran cruiser, but we all have to start somewhere-sometime.

Has anyone been on the Carnival Sensation lately and know if the Cat.11 Demi-Suite has more that one outlet other than the one by the vanity for your hair dryer?
Also about the hair dryers does that cat.11 have them in the cabins?

I say (we) but my DH says, (I) want to take a clothes steamer and didn't know if there would be an outlet somewhere else in the room for it. I know I can use the outlet by the vanity for it as well I sure.

Also while I'm here, we'll need a place to charge out video camera batteries as well.

I guess my main question is how many outlets and/or do you think that we need to take and power strip?

Thanks the Scotts
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