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Josť Kirchner
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Default Re: FIRE on WIND SONG

The Wind Song was withdrawn from service, as the damage from the fire (which began inthe engine room and did not injure any passengers or crew) was too severe for economical repair and return to service.

Wind Song and all Windstar ships meet all SOLAS standards, and that probably prevented any tragedy from occurring. MSY Wind Spirit, a sister ship to Wind Song, has been repositioned from the Caribbean (and this summer, the Mediterranean,) to French Polynesia, where it has taken over Wind Song's scheduled cruises.

IMO, this is an excellent way to see French Polynesia, an otherwise very pricey destination (lodging and food are sky-high). If anything, the large motorsailing yacht experience and extensive waterpsorts offerings from Wind Spirit enhances the experience (and as a diver, I use the SCUBA offerings avidly).
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