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Default Re: Purser Trainee on CCL?

Oh my god....I hope you really like being in customer service, because being a purser is pretty hard on some days. I was a purser on the Pride. You must remember that guests come first, no matter what. Our motto" Exceed the Guest Expectations." You handle money. You get a float, change money, handle guest sail and sign accounts, deal with comlaints...YOU DEAL WITH COMPLAINTS ALL DAY LONG. You will use a program called CRS...LEARN IT QUICKLY. Spend extra time in the office learning things that will help. You do side work. Learn Special needs, because you will have to do it. You will end up working night shift, which is two weeks, but that won't be for a whiel. Did you talk to David in Miami???? If I can help you more, email me and we will chat.
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