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Yeah on Carnival Victory we got caught in a really bad storm...
Me and my friend Lindsey (SoccorQT) were in the gift shop because she needed new film for her camera. We were waiting in line and it felt as we were on a tilt, I assumed it was just a little rough out so that would explain it. About 5min later it seemed as if we were really leaning to one side, but there were no windows in the gift shop so I couldent really tell for sure. Then, suddenly everthing began to rattle, and everything in the room all slid to one side of the room, glasses fell of shelves, bottles of vodka slid onto the ground, and outside in the lobby all the carts with cloths all rolled into the windows. I was so scared that I darted out into the elevator lobby where I was literally walking up a hill, so me and my friend went up to the pool (via stairs cuz the elevators were slamming agaist the shafts) and everyone was comming out of their rooms- some freeked out in life jackets. It was a really cool storm, and we later found out that the captian was making a turn to get away from the storm.

Sounds not really scary at all, but if you really were in the situation you would have probably been a little nervous...

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