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Hi Victoria,

I absolutely agree with everything you've said!

I was just trying to point out that it's a subjective experience with factors like skill level/ fatigue playing a role and that's why some of the poster here might have had a poor experience!

Just for kicks...I read a Steiner complaint once that floored me...I think you'll love this one:

Cruiser complained about the Steiner staff being rude and restrictive of traffic through the facilities. Apparently, the children in the group wandered into the spa and the staff said that under 18 were not allowed in that area without an adult and asked them to leave. The cruiser came back with the children so they could see the spa. They were walking around, taking a looky-loo when Steiner staff asked them to leave included. This cruiser was miffed. Could you imagine laying on the table in the paper panties while the Brady Bunch takes a tour! lol
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