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Default Another Thing, Men Wearing Hats

I loved Kuki's article and all the comments made below. I am sort of in-between on the issues. I follow the ship's rules or options as to formal dinner attire, but I do change to dress slacks and a nice sports shirt to go to the casino or show after dinner. This is becuse I am very uncomfortable wearing a coat and tie in a hot theatre.

Now, as to the thing about men wearing hats: it doesn't bother me to see baseball caps on men, I could care less if that is their choice. However, I am curious as to why they do it. I can understand the use of a baseball cap to protect a person's head from the sun or to keep it warm in cold weather ( I don't care for my shiny scalp to turn bright red), but I wonder what purpose is served by wearing them indoors all the time, even at formal dinner. Perhaps the caps have grown on the heads or have been permanently attached. Are they worn into the shower or in bed at night? Perhaps we could take a survey.
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