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Default Re: Another Thing, Men Wearing Hats


Now, as to the thing about men wearing hats: it doesn't bother me to see baseball caps on men, I could care less if that is their choice.

This subject actually strikes at the heart of another matter of social ettiquette that's too often ignored in our society. The general rule is that men should not wear hats indoors (or, on a ship, below decks) -- though it is sometimes considered acceptable to wear a hat in a hall (passageway) when entering or leaving. In any case, a gentleman does not wear a hat (1) in a restaurant or dining room, especially during meal hours, with the exception of a chef's hat, and (2) in a hospital or other medical facility, or in the bedroom of a sick person (historically, out of reverence for the dying).

Alas, manners seem to be in very short supply in modern society....

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