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Default Re: New Reasons to stop tipping on Cruises!

Well, I am from Oklahoma. Here, we tip waiters in restaurants and bars from 15% to 20%. We don't use cabs much, but do tip the drivers about 15% or a little less. We tip bellmen maybe $2 or more per bag.We don't have many doormen, but I don't think they are tipped much here. I also don't think there is much tipping of hotel maids here. We also have almost no "Matre D's" and what we have are seldom tipped.

This is why it is good that cruises where tipping is customary not only set forth average amounts, but also identify the service personnel to be tipped. Without this info, I (for example) might not have thought to tip the room steward. However, I probably would have done so, as they do much more than hotel maids. But, with the "auto itpping" some lines have, that is taken care of for the guest, I think.

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