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Default Re: fat people

Being overwieght, or lets just be frank, fat, is sometimes because of your personal habits but sometimes for other reasons beyond our control. I do not judge people by their weight, rather by their mind and who they are. I do not like to see people overweight as I know it is bad for them and leads to many health problems but do not judge them. If they are good friends, try to understand and encourage them to lose weight. I had almost zero fat on me, (no I was not a bodybuilder or some macho superman, just very active), until I turned 39/40 and that is when they started using steriods on me for pain relief and to treat bone injuries. I got fat, and I am still fat as far as I am concerned. I have just started an exercise program that I hope will help not only lose unwanted fat but improve the muscle structure and help control the chronic pain. Right now I am 220 and hope to get back to 190 at least. My proper 'fighting' wieght is 175/180 but I know I can kiss that goodbye being 55 now. <G>

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