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Brandt Zutphen
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Default Re: fat people

Dear Friends:

God made each of us how he made us and that is that.

My Companion used to be "built", muscular and all that nonsense.....then Male Menopause kicked in with a vengeance about five years now he is an incredibly ethical, lovable, intelligent and well educated "pleasingly plump" loyal man that still believes in absolute Love, Loyalty and Devotion Unto Death. I will take a wonderful "Pleasingly Plump" Companion to have enjoyed the last 12 years with (and hopefully will enjoy many more with...) than some skinny young promiscious "twinky" anyday!!

So, you may be plump, so have your own unique beauty that God made you with and we look forward to seeing you on a future cruise!!!

Mackie % Brandt
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