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Default Re: what was your worst cruise?

Ship of Hooey!

NCL - Norwegian Sea - 2004 Ė Roatan, Cozumel, Cancun, and Belize

I cruised all of the majors and the only one I will never cruise again would be NCL. Probably the only thing that would make me reconsider would be if the destinations were places that I've never been and none of the other lines went there. The odds of that happening would be slim.

I guess I've got spoiled by the other lines and NCL made me feel more like a piece of luggage than a paying customer. The destinations were fine, but any ship can get you there.

We found getting on and off the ship at all ports very stressful when compared to other cruise lines. The food and service was not remarkable and for the price of the cruise, I didnít expect that much. However, compared to the other lines dollar for dollar, my money can be better spent elsewhere.

If price and food volume is your only concern NCL is the ship for you. Otherwise spend a little more and look elsewhere.
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