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Default Re: what was your worst cruise?

Our worst cruise was on Celebrity - Mercury. It was the smoking - we had chain smokers on each side of us in the cabins - the smoke was so bad in their rooms that they propped the doors open and of course it all came in under our door. Our eyes were burning all the time we were in the cabin. When you entered the hallway to get to the cabins the air was blue with smoke. A complaint to the steward got the reply "I don't like it either but they said they paid as much as you did and are entitled to smoke in their rooms" by the way, there was a sheltered section of deck just 50 steps from this area where they could smoke outside. A complaint to the front desk got the reply "we have to have smoking on board because we are a European company and Europeans expect it" I asked how many Europeans we had on board - well, none.

A letter to the company did not even merit a reply. Smoking was bad all through the ship - it is allowed on one side and not the other but, of course, the smoke drifts across to the non-smoking side anyway and we couldn't even sit and listen to the string quartet in comfort.. I will never, ever sail with Celebrity again.
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