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Default Re: what was your worst cruise?

Bad cruise?! Never. I did have a bad time getting to a cruise last year...does that count? Our documents got "lost', and we didn't receive them until 3 days before we left home. Our NCL-arranged transportation to London was the pits (Orlando-Chicago-London), ending up with our arriving at the pier in Dover 15 minutes before sailing! Excursion desk on board had no record of our 4 booked tours (even tho we had confirmation in hand). But the cruise itself? Fabulous!! Really!

I suppose I could also include my very first cruise (Cunard Princess, Nov. 1978), which turned out very strangely. We were sailing on "the newest cruise ship in the world", but she lost an engine shortly before we arrived at our first port (San Juan), so we had to stay there an extra day for repairs. We then sailed to St. Thomas, from whence we were supposed to visit someplace in the Dominican Republic and then Nassau before returning to Port Everglades. But we never made any of those places...not even Port Everglades!!

Long story short: with the engine kicking up again we miss the D.R., stopping instead in Tortola, B.V.I. (try imagining Tortola in 1978!), before then proceeding to our final (but unscheduled) destination...St. Croix in the U.S.V.I. We were then, and only then, told that the ship would not be returning to our port of origin in Florida. The ship would be returning to the San Juan shipyard, sans passengers, while the lucky 800 or so pax would be flown on charter aircraft to Miami. Miami! And that's the way it went down. We cruised back to Florida on American Airlines. Those of us who had cars or whatever back at Port Everglades were then bused there from MIA. End of story.

But regardless of that, I still maintain that I've never had a bad cruise.<G>

Jack (the eternal optimist)

Cruise #25, Monarch OTS 11/28/2011, Bahamas
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