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Default Re: what was your worst cruise?

We sailed on the QE2 transatlantic in April '98 from England to NYC. To begin with, the old girl showed her age. I guess she's had a face lift since.

Anyway, we had gale force winds of 9 (10 and up is a hurricane) which smashed windows that had to be repaired in NY, and made lots of people seasick. It was too cold to be outside on the deckchairs. The 24-hr. food deck had to be closed. We nearly froze to death in our cabin, and it took three days before they did anything about it.

Even though it was a big effort to walk across the cabin, the powers that be on the QE2 insisted that the formal dress code be observed every night.

Somebody on this thread said that even on a bad cruise, there's something good. Maybe so, because the dinner restaurant served absolutely marvelous food every day.

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