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Default Relief Band for Seasickness

Good News! It works!!!

I just got back from a very rough 16 day Panama Canal cruise on Carnival Spirit. At first I thought the Band wouldn't work for me -- I could feel the electronic pulse on my wrist, but still was queezy. I kept wiggling the band around, and then POW, it landed on the right nerve and I could feel the pulse across my palm and up the two middle fingers (just like it says in the instructions). Then it worked like a charm.

For much of the cruise we had high winds and rough seas. I wore the Relief Band whenever we were rocking & rolling, but only turned it on when I started to feel ill. Each time I wiggled it around until I felt the pulse all the way up my fingers -- then I was fine, and could enjoy myself and the good food. One caveat: if you move your wrist/hand around much (as in when playing cards) you can lose the "magic spot" and have to wiggle the band around to find it again.

The Relief Band is available at several internet sites (use a search engine), but the Sharper Image has a good deal where you have 60 days to try it out, and if it doesn't work for you, you can return it. Good Luck!
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